Every day was the same thing


I’ll get it done soon


I am talking about washing my car and maintaining it<< stay with me on this


It’s been a few months now and it had been getting dirtier and dirtier


Kinda ashamed really




Today I have my MOT


So I had to go over all the things I had been ignoring with it  before it went in


and woah


There were a couple of issues I wasn’t aware of


Basically it would have failed it’s MOT if I hadn’t done anything about it


And yesterday


I spent 2-3 hours cleaning it


^^2-3 hours




I even had the family helping me


It didn’t help they said comments like:


‘It would have been quicker if you had kept it cleaner’


‘Oh who’s is that white car on the road’


etc etc


You get the Gist


I’m kind of glad I’ve done it tbh


It’s not an actual requirement like the other stuff but it just looks better and I feel a bit prouder of it now


I’ll get to the point


Because I had PROCRASTINATED with the small stuff every day and every week


^^Checking everything was ok and that everything was working


I ended up having to deal with a load of problems right before M-DAY (mot day)


So that caused a whole lot more STRESS


MONEY problems


And just time as well<<< 2-3 hours of cleaning on a Sunday


I mean it was sunny so that was a bonus




All for the sake of being COMFORTABLE at the time….


‘I’ll do that later’


See when it comes to getting in shape?


We all want to do better




We end up sabotaging ourselves or our progress for the little comforts of now because LATER feels so far away


And then we get to the point of too much as happened for it to be an easy change


Creating habits that are hard to kick


Feeling like cr*p all the time


And just not looking how you want to look…




With your diet


With your exercise


And even your mental health<< anxiety and confidence I find is a massive problem


^^Which has a huge effect on everything else in your life


What if?


What if you did what you said you would do and stopped procrastinating all the time?


Where would you be now?


Just have a think


and if you’re ready to stop procrastinating with your body, your energy and your mindset?


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Tom’ dirty’ Warrington


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