I was at a business breakfast the other day


^^I ate healthy *rolls eyes**


And the speaker was a guy who had lost 4 stone


He had struggled A LOT


at first anyway.


Trying different methods of dieting and exercise and looking for the tricks.




He slowly REALISED that 90% of the stuff out there is B.S


All because of a podcast actually.


Which is when he discovered the ‘secret’


Not matter what diet method you use…


The only thing that works?


Is calories in versus calories out.




If you are eating less than you burn in calories every day (including the calories needed to live) you will lose.


Most diets are unhealthy and make you feel like poop


(cutting out foods you normally would eat)


Which is why a massive 97% of dieters?


Will be heavier than when they started dieting within 3 years (and that’s FAT GAIN)


This is because most ‘diets’


Are FADS and aren’t good for your lifestyle.


So what can you do to take this ‘secret’ and use it with your exercise and dieting to GET TONED?


^^Because as I always say dieting is IMPORTANT when you want to get toned


Well I break it down here for you:


  1. Figure out how many calories you need every day to lose fat


  1. Use the 80/20 principle with the foods you eat so you don’t go insane with cravings


  1. Exercise with weights/resistance




^^The last one is important too…


Which is why a lot of people fail


These diets and exercise programmes are often difficult to maintain<< which is WHY people get fatter afterwards


So finding something that can help you stay consistent and get results is KEY.


Use the above to figure out a diet that fits YOUR LIFE


And if you need help?


This is exactly what we do in my group personal training programme:




Where you’ll be shown how to diet to get results (even if you just want to tone)


And you’ll also get to work one on one with me with a small group of women to get you toned 🙂


Sound good?


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Tom’ secret revealed’ Warrington