I did a video a few weeks back on Facebook:


Stop Criticising Yourself.


You can watch that here>> https://www.facebook.com/TomWFitness/videos/301944900628088/


There’s a part 2 to it as well…




it’s what it says in the title.


When it comes to losing weight we throw ourselves into it:


‘This time I WILL lose weight and keep it off’


But when we don’t or when we fall off the wagon or come off the tracks


We start to criticise ourselves, shame ourselves because we can’t seem to keep to our diet or we can’t seem to get exercising


Something just gets in the way


The motivation just doesn’t seem to be there…


Watch the video to learn about what to do instead


 Oh and a little announcement


I am launching my NEW AND FREE 14 day Online fitness challenge in January 2019


It officially starts on the 7th of January


There are going to be limited spaces though


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Tom’ stop it’ Warrington