Success Stories

by | Feb 14, 2018 |

What Happened To Hannah

I help women online, via coaching, workouts and dieting as well as face to face   And the results?   Are pretty impressive via GIPHY Like my client Hannah:   Hannah actually joined one of my online programmes last minute because she said:   'I'm very busy, I have...

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Claire’s Story

'Claire's Story'   This is Claire One of the things that Claire said to me was: I'm Feeling proud of myself and getting compliments from my Husband and friends  Now that? Is one of the biggest benefits of doing a programme like this. See, most people just go to a boot...

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Emma’s Transformation

'Emma's Transformation'     When Emma sent me this   She said:   'I didn't realised I had changed that much'   And even I was impressed!   I knew my programme was good but wow!   See, Emma   Like so many other women focus on weight lost   And why not?   It's what...

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Emma’s Story

I feel a lot physically fitter than I used to (I can actually do proper push ups now!)     Here is Emma's story and experience on the Better Body Fit camp programme. Emma started the BBF when she won a place through a competition, already losing weight she wanted...

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