There I stood


In front of all these men and women


Watching me


I’d already taken my jacket off in preparation taking a sip of water looking at all these faces looking at me


Someone had gone before me but mine was the most important one


The anxiety was hitting me


Would I be able to perform?


I was about to do the best man speech at a close friend of mines wedding


I’d been practising ages for this


I had researched jokes


What sort of jokes to say


And even how to stand and all that


So that I wouldn’t ruin it and make a FOOL of myself


Thing is?


I’ve done performing all my life<<< I LOVE being on stage


Dancing and acting


I’ve done seminars for nutrition and exercise too


So I wasn’t AFRAID of that


I was more scared of the situation because I didn’t know what was going to happen


All these scenarios came flooding into my overactive brain




They all laughed at the terrible puns and jokes<<phew


And came over to me after to tell me how much they enjoyed it and that it was heart felt


I was scared and nervous for no reason


^^It reminds me A LOT of when women want to start making changes


I’ve heard it many times before:


‘Will I be the most unfit there?’


‘I don’t have a very strong upper body’


‘ Will there be things like running in it??’


^^All of these questions I’ve heard from women I’ve trained and help over the years too


And recently too


Sarah a mum on my Superwomen Project said:


‘I didn’t know what to expect, I was afraid I would be the most unfit there and you would shout at me. I didn’t start a few times before because of that. BUT I really enjoy it and I’ve lost inches already’


^^We often get scared of the UNKNOWN


About how we look or feel in front of others


And I get it


When the truth is?


It’s not as bad as you think it is


You just need to get that push and then it turns out to be OK


Tom’ speaker’ Warrington


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