Was at the gym the other day finishing off PT with a few clients


Early in the morning


At 5 15 am in the morning<< they are committed




After my pt I wanted to train so as i went to the car and got my water out


My towel


And bag


Then it hit me


This little voice in my head telling me to:


Just train later, go home and sleep for an extra hour before you need to get up


You can train tonight


I stood there for a minute and debated whether to skip it and just go home


Later me would pick up the slack…


Problem is?


This is never true


We often put off what we should DO NOW until later…almost giving our future selves more credit and more of a reason to not do it


But that’s never the case


It gets to later and we don’t do it. We sit down and open the snacks or get a glass of wine out because we’re exhausted


And that:


I’ll do it tomorrow’ goes through our brain


Same goes for mums who are trying to get into shape and get fitter


The idea of skipping the workouts or indulging in the treats to get us through gets you


Which is what stops you getting results




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Thing is though you can nip it in the bud and there are a few ways you can do it (a few new ways I teach in the Superwomen project)


Procrastination is the biggest killer of getting your body in shape and getting rid of the mummy tummy and toning up…


For your info


I beat the voices and worked out and good job too because later that night I was zonked


That’s a WIN


That’s one of the reasons I created the Super women project 90 day online transformation programme but i need busy mums to test it for me


And if you WANT to nip those obstacles in the bud before they get a hold and keep you where you are:




Out of shape


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Unmotivated and always ‘busy’


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Tom’ not a procrastinator anymore’ Warrington


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