Get your mind out of the gutter!


I’m not trying to be rude


It’s what my client said to me:


The other day I was training my client Hannah<< She’s a mum of 2 and she came out with:


‘I can’t believe how much stronger I’ve become and how much I’ve lost in the last few weeks, I went to pick up Charlie  (her baby) and nearly threw him through the ceiling.’


^^We had a little laugh


But in all honesty she has become A LOT stronger and the thing is?


Hannah is a very BUSY mum of 2 kids


So finds it difficult to find time to workout and eat a ‘regular healthy diet’


You know she always grabbing food on the go or having the leftovers from her children’s plates


I here the story that: I don’t have time to get in shape or I’m a mum I won’t get my belly toned now


^^I call BS on this


You do have time to do it


And you can get in great shape (Hannah has lost half a stone and already dropped a skirt size in just under 4 weeks)


You just gotta know how to do it.

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And of course BE READY to change


(If you’re not ready to change then it ain’t going to happen)


You don’t have to work out for hours every week


You don’t have to cut all the nice foods or wine (something you go for after a stressful day)


^^A bit of relief to know you don’t have to give that up!

When you’re ready here is how I can help you more:


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  1. Send me a reply with a question and I’ll be happy to help (it gives you more content too)