As you read this I am getting ready to go to Chester


In fact


I’m probably on my way now…


I actually don’t know as I wrote this 2 days ago…wooooooo message from the past…






It’s my girlfriends Xmas present<< well one of them anyway


So I’m away for a couple of nights


This doesn’t and shouldn’t stop me from providing content




Working out


^^I’m going to try and fit something in


Either at the hotel gym or in the room for 20 minutes




This is all about planning<< the reason I’ve managed to sent this email out to you is because I’ve planned it


If I hadn’t


And decided to to just ‘wing it’ on the day I would have more than likely just not done it


I’m guilty of doing that before and it’s the biggest mistake you can make


The same goes for your new exercise and dieting goals this week


If you’ve not planned it?


And you’ve just hoped you would wake up and gather the motivation to workout or stick to your diet?


Then you are probably on day one of failure


^If you’ve stuck with it then Kudos to you


If you HAVEN’T managed to ‘start’ yet?


Then do something now


Either a walk or just try and track the rest of today’s calories (use myfitnesspal to do this)




Tom’ Chester bound’ Warrington


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