One of the biggest things in the way of getting in shape


Am I right?


‘I don’t have the time to workout today’


Then that gives us permission to binge


^^Which you can change


But that’s not what this email is about…


This one is about working out when you are short on ‘time’


Because of work or kids or because maybe you pressed the snooze button on the alarm clock


I’m Guilty of doing that,


So without further ado here we go:


You’re going to go up and down the stair 3-4 times<< that’s your warm up




10 squats


10 lunges


10 push ups (3/4 also known as lady push ups<< which I don’t like calling it haha)


10 bicep curls (use anything like a bag of potatoes or bottled water)


10 dips


10 crunches


10 burpees


Rest for 1 minute and repeat x 3


Shouldn’t take too long to do the above


The point of this workout?


Is to burn calories whilst having a busy life


Of course remember the above is only part of what you need to do


If you’re not tracking your diet you won’t get the results


Simple as that.

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And yes even if you’re busy you can do this whole dieting malarky thing.


DO the above and let me know how you’re getting on


If you need help?


Then just ask.


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If you’ve got any questions to send them over to me via email: tom_w@twfitness.co.uk 


Tom ‘Busy’ Warrington