” 3 months from now you’ll thank yourself”
^^That’s a quote I’ve heard and seen before 
Around Facebook and Instagram 
I had to comment on this 
See most women or even just mums use this sort of quote for inspiration 
Coaches and PTs use it every now and then 
^^Annoying that 
To try and motivate you 
Which is great and all that I am all for motivating people to change
The problem though?
And I don’t know if you agree with me on this or just think I’m throwing my dummy out of the pram 
(I am a little tbh)
But it’s great thinking about where you will be in 3 months time 
Goals are important 
It’s what drive us 
That’s not the issue 
What is the issue though is that we don’t realise that right now
In this moment in time 
We are not who we want to be or where we want to be 
In fact RIGHT NOW?
You are probably hating where you are ( I am only assuming this as you are reading this email and it’s for mums who want to to get more energy, get in shape and start toning up)
Which means that most women and mums can’t see themselves achieving it 
You’ve probably tried it yourself 
diets and exercise programmes that just confused and complicated everything 
To only give up after a week or 2 
and think:
‘I’ll start Monday (which funnily enough is when my 90 day superwomen project starts reply with ‘superwomen’ and I’ll get you the details for that)
Monday comes and you just can’t seem to stick to it 
So the response to that quote becomes 
‘Shut up, Sharon’ 
As you feel like tucking into a takeaway and glass of wine once the kid has gone to bed 
I get it though 
What do you do though to change things around?
You get REAL on where you are NOW
Where you currently are and THEN only then 
you can start changing 
^^And this is what we do inside of the 90 day Superwomen project in Lichfield 
So that you actually achieve your 3 month goal 
And don’t just keep starting and stopping 
Tom’ quotes suck sometimes’ Warrington
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