Most women know how to lose weight and tone up


The internet is full of information about it


A lot of it is kinda B.S. though


Thing is?


If this is true?


Then why are we a country that is getting fatter?


See, there are LOADS of ways to get fitter and lose fat/tone up


It’s actually quite simple:


  1. Eat less calories than you burn


  1. Be consistent with your diet and exercise


But don’t get simple mixed up with DIFFICULT


Am I right?


If it was easy you’d be there already!


The problem isn’t the information, so STOP looking for the next big thing


Because the reason why you can’t get results is because of an obstacle personal to you:




Going out a lot


Having a family who don’t support you as much




Lack of motivation


The list goes one


Problem is?


All these obstacles are stories you tell yourself


‘I can’t lose weight because I eat out with my family all the time’


‘I like to eat to chocolate’ <<< I hear this one a lot, you can still lose weight and eat chocolate so it’s not really a reason


‘I don’t have the time to go the gym'<< You don’t need a gym


Whatever the reason


It’s just a story


And the reason why you haven’t gotten where you are is because you believe your story so much you stick to it


Instead of trying to change that story/ obstacle


We rather just use it as a justification to say this is why we can’t do it…


What would happen if that OBSTACLE wasn’t there?


What would happen for YOU?


Would you do what you said you would do?


Would you be able to stick to the diet?


Would you be able to workout more (because you have more time despite living a busy life)


^^Time is a B.S. excuse…I’ve worked with many women who work all day and have busy lives with children and STILL manage to get into shape

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If they can do it so can you.




What would happen for you if you stopped believing that story and that obstacle wasn’t there?


Think about that for a bit


Would you get where you wanted?


Would you be able to stick to the diet?


Get to your workouts/exercise all the time without THAT excuse?


You CAN put things into place to change that…


And when you’re ready to change that obstacle and story?


I’m here to help


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Tom ‘story’ Warrington