‘Before I started the Better Body Fit camp I felt very unfit and found it hard to go to the gym… Now I’m feeling more active!


This is Vicky’s testimonial about her experience on the Better Body Fit camp (BBF) 30 day programme.

Before she started Vicky found it difficult like many others to go to the gym, she wasn’t too sure on what to eat and therefore wasn’t sure how to go about getting fitter and losing weight.

After the 30 day programme though she lost an amazing 13lbs! and 8 inches overall of fat from her body. This is what she had to say about the programme:


Her results:

13lbs lost 

8 inches lost 


Before and After 


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Describe how you used to feel before you started training at the BBF with me?


Before I started the BBF training, I felt very unfit and found it hard to go to the gym and eat the correct foods.


What worried you about training before we started?


 I was worried about not being able to do the exercises.


 How would you describe the   actual BBF training and diet?


I would say the training was enjoyable found the diet easy to stick with after the second week.


What’s the biggest benefit that has come from training at the BBF?


The biggest benefit is I’m feeling more active and not feeling as bad about myself.


How do you feel now compared to before you started. Can you describe that for me?


Since I started I feel fitter and able to do more of the exercises without difficult.  I also have a better understanding of different foods and the calories.


What would you say to others thinking about starting training with me/doing the BBF 30 day lose a dress size programme?


I would definitely recommend the BBF 30 day lose a dress size programme because it really works.  I have now lost 13lbs. It’s much better than being in a gym.  It has made me more fitter and stronger and will continue.




Are you interested in getting results like Vicky? 

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