So you might not have seen these films


The Lord of the Rings




For some reason I had an urge to binge watch them this last few days (when I had time)


And if you haven’t seen them?


It’s about a ring that is evil and contains power that corrupts men and it has to be destroyed


So the Hobbit Frodo takes on this task with his friend Sam and a bunch of other difference species such as elves, dwarfs, Wizards and men


It’s a bit of a geek fest


But anyway


There are parts in the series where Frodo is burnt out and feeling low


His energy and motivation is massively wavering


And his will power starts to fade (making him want to put the ring on which is what it wants to corrupt him and get back to it’s true master)




When this happens Sam manages to support him and stop him from doing just THAT


^^He even carries him up a mountain when Frodo is exhausted and gives up…


Why am I telling you this?


Well, if you couldn’t tell yet?


This IS EXACTLY like dieting


Instead of a ring I’m talking about junk food and binging BTW


And when you go on that hard journey of trying to lose weight


DIETING is the most important bit


Especially if you want boost your energy and improve your health and the way you FEEL


But the problem is trying to stay on track and finish it without being overcome and cheating on your diet


^^Mainly because it makes you feel guilty and crap about yourself


But if you get yourself a SAM?


^^Someone who is there to help you get through it and stop you from thinking:


‘SCREW IT’ give me the chocolate cake and wine


Then you’ll end up getting to the goal you’ve always wanted…


And a SAM can come in any form:


A partner


A friend


One of those slimming world groups <<< not really a fan tbh




Someone who’s been in your shoes and has helped people just like you


Which is where I come in.


In January 2019 I am releasing my new 14 day online fitness challenge


Where I become your Sam


If you’re interested in checking it out?


Go here>>


Tom’ Sam the wise’ Warrington


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