I went out on one of my adventures on Friday night


^^Probably a really bad idea


Especially that one and you’ll see why




Me and a friend of mine


Who’s name will remain hidden to keep his identity safe<< haha


Went out for a dance and a bit of a night out




I don’t drink<< not because I am PT I just don’t like how it makes me feel anymore


Because of that I ended up as the taxi driver for the night out


^^*Eye roll*


And my friend had a met a girl recently who somehow managed to get a lift from us back home


Which I wasn’t too happy about




Hey, I am a good person if it meant they could chat for a bit longer I was fine


It was getting late though…


So once we dropped her off I started putting his postcode in (furiously) to get hime home


Not really paying attention to him saying goodbye


When I realised my FAVOURITE jacket was missing


She had put it on when she was cold and left with it


And because I was TOO BUSY getting p***y about it being late/early morning I didn’t realise




I am having to get it back which is proving to be a bit of a nightmare If I’m honest with you


And all this WOULDN’T  have HAPPENED


If I was paying attention


What has this got to do with you and how on earth does this help you with getting in shape?




If find most mums when it comes to getting in shape will try the next best thing


I call it ‘shiny object syndrome’


And end up becoming DISTRACTED


Which leads to not getting the results they want


Going to back to square one within just a few weeks wondering what on earth happened


^^Sometimes being fatter and more out of shape than they were before


I get it though


Being a mum is busy and hard work<< There’s LOTS of distracting things going on


And sometimes your health gets put to the backseat


Until it comes back to bite you in the butt


Don’t let that HAPPEN


Focus on ONE thing and keep your attention on what you want


Here’s a bit of advice I got from my coach


(Yes, I have a coach)


And that advice was:


We don’t lose MOTIVATION we get distracted and end up FORGETTING what we’re doing


Bring your mindset and focus back so you CAN get the results you want


If you’re having trouble getting these results<<< and keep going back to square one?


Then my Lichfield 90 day Superwomen Project might just be for you


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Tom’ missing my jacket’ Warrington


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