So whilst in Wales my Family and I celebrated

as it was my Dad’s 60th

And one of the ‘surprises’ was a tank cake

A Tiger 1 cake

And tomorrow

He’s going on a driving experience 

You know the ones 

Where you get in a really sporty car (an R8 and an Aston Martin) and get to race around the track 

Thing is about this sort of driving 

You kind of have to force yourself to forget what you know 

turn the corners differently

and you get to put your foot down 

It’s a completely different way of driving 

The same goes for when you’re eating to lose weight 

^^Sounds a bit weird, I know but stay with me 

When the majority of people want to lose weight, they tend to go down the route of eating healthy 

Avoiding junk food and eating A LOT more salad

^^Because that’s how you do it, right?

It’s actually a little different 

and most people especially women won’t try and find out how to do it properly and end up with no results 

Or very little results

When it comes to losing weight you have to do things different

A bit more work is involved 

Tracking and planning your foods so you’re eating less than you’re burning  

^^That’s what really matters when it comes to getting shape

More than the healthy foods<< Shit, I’m not telling you not to eat healthy I’m just saying you might still not lose weight eating healthy foods…

Which is what I teach and go through in my new fitcamp experiment for women in the Lichfield area

What actually works so you’re not starving 

or ripping your hair out because the scales aren’t going down 

If you’re interested in losing a clothes size in 30 days for FREE then click on the link below:

Tom’ wants to drive one too’ Warrington 

PS- My new experiment will be going public tomorrow 

So if you want to get in on it 

Now is the time 

Click that link about and apply for a place out of 10