‘I  felt sluggish, unfit and unhealthy, none of my clothes fitted me either.’ It had been a while since I had done any exercise’ ‘Before it started I was worried about how bad my fitness levels were after a year of no exercise.’


 the training was difficult at times, but is fun and very refreshings. Sticking to the diet was easy as it didn’t feel like a diet to me as the foods were not too restricted and just had to track and follow the BBF formula, I feel more confident and toned now. I feel more energised and more confident with my body and much healthier too.’




That’s what my client Gail said about one of my 30 day programmes^^




Oh and If you’re wondering what the difference was?




Here you go:



Not bad eh?


And if you’re a wondering, no she didn’t have to starve herself or spend hours a week exercising


In fact this was from 3- 30 minute workouts a week


And she followed the diet programme I gave her<<, Which as she said was easy to follow because she could east what she wanted


Gail is a busy mum who at the time really wanted to get into shape and get ready for her works Christmas party


And again?


This was in 30 days


She got help outside the sessions which is SO IMPORTANT


3 workouts a week at 30 minutes obviously isn’t the reason she got her results


It’s PART OF IT but the main reason?


Is because of the stuff she did outside the sessions


And THIS^^??


Is exactly what I’m going to be helping women with in my new 90 day online coaching programme the Super Women Project  Starting next year


Gail achieved that in 30 days


Imagine what she’d do in 90?


If you’re interested in joining us?


And FINALLY getting results?


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Tom’ transformer’ Warrington


PS- Oh and if you’re wondering who Gail is? and her full story as well as her inches lost etc?


Then you can find her story  here>>>

Gail’s story: I felt sluggish, unfit and unhealthy, none of my clothes fitted me either. Now though…


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