So the other week I finished my Better Body Online Programme’s first month.


And the results?


Were pretty impressive


Like my client Hannah:


Hannah actually joined the programme last minute because she said:


‘I’m very busy, I have weird shift patterns and don’t usually have time to go to the gym or do much else’


She decided to take part and do the programme for the month (because why not?)


And her results?


Were VERY impressive.


From the start- 17 june to the 16th of July?


She lost:


2 kgs of fat


3.5 inches from her waist


3 inches from her hips


and an inch from her arms


She also just updated me the other day one week after that she has also lost half an inch from her legs (the area she really wanted to work on)


^^All by doing the programme and workouts at home and following the schedule




Because she can follow the programme in her own time.


She has a schedule to tell her when to do the workouts and what to do, she checked in (using my app on her phone) and read my motivation emails, videos and messages.


All this as well as do her full time job<< which have the weirdest and longest shifts you can possibly imagine.


She’s had a couple of people ask her had she lost weight too!


Not bad eh? and no this is not a special case all she did was have a goal and used the programme to get there.


And you can do the same 🙂 


if you don’t believe me?


No worries.


You can trial it out for free for a week here:


in the week you will get:


1.) My Better Body calorie plan so you know how much and what to eat


2.) 3 Fat burning and toning workouts that Hannah used to get her results too


3.) Motivation and support from me to get where you need to be


Sound good?


Click the link below and start your free trial now:


And if you don’t like it?


If it’s not for you?


Not a problem there is no obligation to join after the trial


Tom’ online trainer’ Warrington