Probably the most common question I get ^^


‘What should I be eating?’


Now, I’ll have you consider you kind of know




Most women just end up cutting out all the naughty foods


Which tbh with you?




You do that because those foods are what we call in the industry, calorie dense


Which means they are just high in calories


So the more you eat of them the more you gain in pounds


^^If you don’t burn the calories anyway


Thing is


Cutting out all the junk food and eating completely healthy lasts about to the weekend and then the diet breaks


And I get that


here’s a secret though


You DON’T have to completely cut it all out


Doing so GUARANTEES you’ll end up having a BINGE when things go upside down


And that will happen<< because life happens


Which puts you in a endless cycle of starting and stopping again


So here’s what to do:


  1. Figure out how many calories you need a day


  1. Make a list of foods you enjoy (healthy and not so ‘healthy’)


  1. keep more healthy stuff in there and some naughty foods


  1. Get results




So I may have missed some points




It’s simple and that is HOW MUCH you eat is far more important than what you eat when it comes to losing lbs, getting in shape


Yes eat healthy


^^I’d be a rubbish PT if I told you not to


But the best diet to have and one you can use for the rest of your life is one you can stick to


Track how much you’re having and you’ll start seeing fantastic results


and no


It’s not time consuming at all


It’s like checking your bank balance every




When it comes to food


Nobody wants to hate their daily life


Especially if you’re a mum<<cooking separate meals and dealing with all the hassle of avoiding foods the rest of your family are going to eat sucks




The thing is everything above is SIMPLE




It’s DIFFICULT<< I certainly get that


Most won’t do anything with that and just end up struggling still


so how do you stick to it and get results?


Get help with it


Which is what I do inside of my Superwomen project


reply to this message with ‘Superwomen’ and i’ll get you all of the details


Tom’ diet help’ Warrington


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