So a few weeks ago I went to a couple of firework events


for Bonfire night


And for the first time in years I went to Guy Fawkes day


There were 2 fireworks displays on BOTH nights too


Apparently that’s quite common now?




If you go to these you’ll notice that there are LOADS of stands


Selling Burgers








And other diet wrecking delights


You can see why so many people fall off the wagon at this time of the year- Especially with Christmas coming up


^^I love me mince pies


And that?


Is used as an excuse to go ape on the junk food. Look I’m not going to lie to you


I ate the burgers and Donuts last night


Did I feel guilty?




And no it’s not because:


‘I’ll burn it off because I am a PT or because I have loads of motivation to work it off tomorrow’


It’s because I’ve set my DIET up to allow me to do it.



I can eat the above at events and NOT GAIN FAT


And this will WORK FOR YOU too




The food you eat isn’t as important as HOW MUCH you eat<< yes you should eat healthy foods but if you cut everything out you are more likely to fall off the wagon




  1. Plan what you’re going to eat in the day<< most do a week plan, this helps if you have kids too


  1. If you know you’re going to an event then PLAN for this so you can eat more of the foods you enjoy (I show you how and go through this in my Super Women project)


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Tom’ fireworks’ Warrington


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