‘What You SHOULD Be Doing To Get Toned’




I love the Karate kid films… I’ve done a post about them before actually…


^^There’s a lot of lessons in there for toning up







Like in the original, Daniel (the main character) is getting bullied at first<< the whole point of him taking up Karate


So he tries learning Karate from a book …


It doesn’t quite work out and he gets beaten up again and again


Until it gets to the point where Mr Miyagi has to save him


Which is where he agrees to teach him Karate…




Daniel doesn’t realise he’s not going to be learning it the ‘traditional’ way


Kicking boards, and wearing a Gi




He starts by doing what seems like menial tasks every day


Waxing Mr Miyagi’s car


Then painting his fence




Sweeping the floor


To the point where Daniel has had enough


That’s where he realises something….


Every day he’s been doing these task he’s been ‘learning’


And his muscle memory is now strong enough to do Karate




So it might be a stretch and not exactly the way but what has this got to do with you toning up and losing fat?


Well, I’m glad you asked….


You need to build the habit.




Learn how to control your portion size everyday<< Track your food!




Build the habit of exercising so it becomes less like a chore and more like something you look forward to doing to de-stress and feel better


Because at the end of the day?


There is no magic pill…


No Karate ‘book’ you can just get and then suddenly be in shape


This is something you need to want and do so it changes your life…


So start now


Start small.


The goal is to start small because how can you travel a thousand miles without taking the first step?





In fact track your calories for today.


And do a 10 minute workout<< My E-book has a few in.


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Start getting toned by doing something now


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3.) Build the habits so that you don’t end up falling off the wagon and having to start from square one


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