I hate shopping


I really do, most would say a typical man when it comes to that


Thing is my girlfriend so what do you do




When it does come to shopping I CAN’T make a decision


I am terrible


Recently I went shopping for new Jeans


^^And I have been for MONTHS


Seriously that’s why I hate it


And atm?


I am looking at those more fitting Jeans


(Apparently it’s all the rage)


I hate the ones that look like they’ve been sprayed on though


I’m always aware of what my pocket area looks like…


The thing is


I can look at LOADS of different Jeans and I can’t make the decision of what I want


So I just usually say


‘Let’s just find some another time’




Nope don’t like those ones they have buttons instead of a zip


^^I’m picky, ok?


I’ll try some on and be like




They aren’t right…


The thing is though


It’s got to the point where it’s becoming a pain and so I’ve decided that next week I am actually going to go out and BUY some FINALLY


Much to the relief of my girlfriend



And everyone else…


Why ON EARTH am I telling you my decisions for getting Jeans




I’m glad you asked




When it comes to getting in shape and toning up?


Most mums approach me and tell me the same thing


They want to do it




Then they always find it difficult to find one they enjoy and stick with


So they keep on changing their minds…


Try a diet or a new class for a bit


Then when that doesn’t work or doesn’t WORK straight away  it’s onto the next thing


So much that they start questioning whether they CAN DO IT?


Doubt and frustration sets in




Even getting down on the constant starting and stopping, the constant trying and giving up


I get it


It’s hard and trying to find something to do that doesn’t:


Want you to give up all the nice foods in the world (you have children and trying to cook separate meals is IMPOSSIBLE)


Make you feel anxious and feel like you’re going to be the most un-fit there<< So you just don’t go


Or something you can enjoy to the point that keeps you motivated


What do you do?


Here are a few things to start with:


  1. Get clear on what it is you WANT<<< lose lbs and tone up is a little general and probably won’t get you going



  1. Stop looking for perfect<< the perfect time, the perfect mood



  1. Find something that let’s you ENJOY the process and helps you with your anxiety, confidence and works with YOU so you know you’ll get results


^^1 and 3?


Is EXACTLY what my programme the 90 day Superwomen project is about


Just reply with ‘Superwomen’ and I’ll get you all the details


Tom’ I’m just happy to see you’ Warrington


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