I’ve spent the last few days on a course


A course that teaches you how to be able to respond to an emergency in water


Not quite a lifeguard


But it shows you the skills to save someone from drowning, if they have injuries and all that


Like spinal injuries or a head injury…


And what to do in that case


The instructor said something to us and he said it a few times:


‘The likelihood of you needing to do this is very slim even ever, but if it does? you’ll know what to do’


Someone drowning or injuring themselves in water HAPPENS




It’s not a common thing…


What has this got to do with trying to lose weight when you’re a busy mum?


Well, unlike drowning and falling unconscious in the water


Sh*t happens in life, it gets in the way and that is BOUND to happen when you’re trying to get into shape and be a better version of yourself


DIETS go out the window


The STRESS of looking after your kids (breakfast time, getting them ready for school and tea times etc)


^^It MAKES you want to drink that bottle or 2 or raid the snacks cupboard




However, even though life does get in the way


Just like i learnt in my COURSE you can stop it ruining your progress


You can put things in place that mean you don’t end up feeling GUILTY or having that feeling that you’re not motivated enough…


Such as:


Having a plan that gets you back on the wagon so that a day of eating ‘crap’ doesn’t cause you gain fat


Keeping your workouts short (you are busy after all) but allow you to burn more calories than working out for hours everyday<< do this by having resistance based workouts


^^You can do this by finding out what WORKS FOR YOU:


What diet you can enjoy and have around having your busy life…


and what to do to help boost your motivation so you don’t end up quitting feeling stressed and exhausted



And just like the instructor who taught us what do and how to save someone on the course?


Helping you is EXACTLY what I do


And soon I’ll be doing an online 14 day challenge for FREE << Keep on the lookout for that!


Tom’ here to help’ Warrington


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