I’ve worked with a LOT of  mums in my time as a personal trainer and coach…


and the ONE thing that mums have in common when they come to work with me is that they think they can’t get in shape because they lack




^^ sounds familiar? 


I get it though. 100%


Let me explain what I’m talking about (and I learned this from my own coach)




Yep, contrary to what most people believe 


Willpower and motivation ALWAYS runs out and it ALWAYS will


Do you want to know the ‘secret’?


1- Get yourself up on a plan that requires a VERY SMALL amount of willpower and motivation


(just reply to this email if you’d like me to do that, ‘m FAMOUS for it)


2- Create an ENVIRONMENT that matches your outcomes 


Let me get into more detail with real quick…


1- If your plan requires a LOT of willpower and motivation- > it means you’re doing something you hate (my emails yesterday about the spiders talks about that) and who the hell wants to do that?


you’re actually setting yourself up to fail from the very start it’s not a matter of IF you fall off the wagon, just WHEN.


2- When you’re environment IS AGAINST your goals- ALL you’re left with is willpower and as I already said and you already know…


when all you’re left with is willpower?


that willpower and the motivation you have will ALWAYS run out


and THAT,  is why what I do at my Superwomen project is so incredibly powerful and effective that I’ve  created a plan that requires only a little willpower (like the tiniest amount)


AND I’ve created a motivated, empowering environment that CREATES success << I mean, how else could my programmes have produced so many head turning results? (click the link> https://twfitness.co.uk/success-stories-2/ to see some )


and f you’re ready to be my next success story and get a handle on your willpower and motivation?


then just reply back to this email with the line “superwomen” and I’ll get you all of the details


WARNING: You’ll need to move quick though, time is running out on joining us to 


Tom ‘no willpower’ Warrington


PS- Whenever you’re ready here are 3 ways I can help you get in shape 


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  1. -My video on the biggest ‘secret’ to getting results


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  1. If you’re looking for inspiration to get started?


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