Motivation is massive when it comes to

getting in shape

Well, some people tend not to be as motivated

as others

^^Usually because of failing a lot before

And one of the biggest reasons for this?

Doing it on your own

Not only is it a lot more difficult<< no one to push

you to do that extra few repetitions in an exercise

It’s a lot harder to know what to do, almost like

climbing a mountain

So no wonder why so many women fail when it comes

to losing weight

>>Eating a boring diet

>>Doing loads of cardio<< stuff like running

>>Starving yourself

Feeling the fear of being judged in the gym…doing the wrong sort of exercise and looking silly doing it

There’s loads

Plus it sucks trying to eat less junk food

Which is why I always recommend doing it in a group

or with friends 

and not just like a fitness class 

^^Turning up and getting beasted once in a while 

is not going help you lose weight 

Neither do a small class where you can have a full conversation with the person next to you 

So what do I mean?

I like to call it a mini tribe 

A group of people who all have the same goal in mind 

and need that motivation to keep going 

To get cheered on when you feel like throwing in the towel

When on you’re own you just would give up 

No one judges you either 

You’re all there to do the same thing 

^^That’s why group exercising is the best 

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^^A little delayed but meh 

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