The first step a woman usually takes to tone up and lose weight


Is to do a bunch of cardio


Usually running or something along those lines…


Maybe a couch to 5K thing.


Which is great for getting you moving




when it comes to Getting toned and looking and feeling better in clothes?


It’s not such a good idea .


the reasons being, well, I’ll list them here:


  1. Cardio burns calories but not as much as resistance exercises or HIT (that’s high intensity training)


  1. Cardio does the opposite of toning- cardio like running and doing long distant stuff actually prevent’s the ability to ‘tone up’ it DOES improves endurance though


  1. It takes a long time to do and can be a bit boring


The last one is an opinion tbh…




As you can see I said TOO MUCH cardio<< some does has it’s place


And if done correctly?


Is very helpful to burning fat and helping you tone up


>>That’s short burst and short sessions of cardio- going intense then slowing it down<<


I go through that a bit more here>>




All this should be additional.


You should focus on RESISTANCE


^^Not only does this burn more calories but also helps tone you up quicker.


This is exactly what we focus on in my group Personal training programme:


The other thing is?


If you’re not tracking your diet properly?


Then all the above really doesn’t matter…


Which is why it’s such a big thing in my programme


**The right resistance


**The right cardio


and the right DIET= FAST results


^^And results that stick


If that’s something you need help with?


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Tom’ hates too much cardio’ Warrington