So we are less than 90 days from Christmas…




You’re either a lover or a hater<< A bit like marmite tbh


I think it’s because so many shops start advertising now




Why am I bringing this up?


Well we are 3/4 of the way through the year now




I have a question:


‘Did you manage to achieve your fitness/body goal this year’?


Or maybe work towards it?


See most start the year with all the motivation and want for change but after a couple of months


That goal?


Becomes less and less important/ less motivated and it gets pushed to the side.


Most women are thinking January is coming up now I can start again


But why?


Here’s a little truth 80% of new exercisers who start in the New year give up within 2 months


Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother


It just means that this new you or waiting for the New Year is just going to bring about what happened this year




and the cycle repeats.


Sorry if that is harsh


But unfortunately it’s the truth in ‘most’ cases


So whatever you achieved this year or didn’t


Is going to probably carry on.


Unless you change it.


And you can.


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^^There are a few things you can do:


  1. keep saying next week, next month, next year will be it << and just keep doing that slowly feeling bad about it (that happens sorry if it sounds harsh)


  1. Not bother<< I don’t think this really will help


  1. Actually start making a change now…


Right now.


So you end the year properly and develop changes in your life.


It’s hard<< I get that


So I can help you


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Tom’ as you mean to go on’ Warrington