The other day for the first time EVER I trained at 11pm at night




I know what you’re thinking:


You’re nuts




^^I think that I am anyway- but I would be boring if I wasn’t


Why on earth did I go to the gym that late?


Is it because I’m a hardcore PT who LOVES exercising?




It’s Because I’ve recently started a new GOAL


A new 90 day outcomes I want to achieve for my fitness<< tip: 90 days is a good goal time frame




Part of that goal was to make sure I did my workouts…




Usually If I didn’t manage to get the time to workout in the morning or afternoon I would not do it that day



^^Blasphemy the PT skips workouts




It happens, we feel like we don’t have time (well I did) and when that OBSTACLE comes up it wins


Instead this time?


I decided I would work out no matter what


Even if that meant I had to go after a long day of working (i was up from 5 and worked all day doing PT and classes)


I was dreading it as most people do dread when they have to exercise and they don’t really want to


But afterwards I felt great!




Why am I telling you this ( no, i’m not bragging)


i’m simply saying that even though we may THINK that we don’t have the time or that we find excuses in the day to justify skipping the all important exercise


We actually CAN still do it.


And what helped me push to do that workout?


It wasn’t infinite amounts of WILL POWER or motivation.


“It was just my goal became more important than my current state”


^^Read that again!


My WHY and reason to CHANGE became more important than the comfort of not doing it…




Look, sometimes our motivation and discipline won’t be there




We can get boosts and MAKE sure we stick to it…

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Tom’ cray cray’ Warrington


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